Young kids birthday party

FAQ: IS my kid old enough for AN Ecomonster workshop?

Specifically for my younger age group of kids ranging from 4-6 years old, we work with flat mason jars for our plant arranging instead of rolling glass globes.  For guests under six years old, I encourage the parents to join their kids to work on the terrarium together.  This becomes a fun bonding activity for the kids with their mom or dad.  I've found that parents find it as a nice surprise or even relief since you know, kids parties can be so much about the kids that you forget about the adults.  My guess is because with this age group, you simply can't just drop them off and pick up after a couple of hours.  But, I need a real parent to confirm my theory here.    

Birthday Party deets:

Celebration: 6th Birthday with twenty-six friends

Venue: indoors in family's home garage in Alamo, CA on a rainy day

Activity and party favor: wide mason jar succulent terrarium and polaroid photos

Birthday boy chose animals for his party theme