The monster behind EcoMonster!

I started EcoMonster in 2008 with the goal of spreading sustainable awareness for a greener future.

The idea isn’t to be perfect through #zerowaste but to inspire change and strive for a circular economy!


Family Backyard Birthday Party

Family Backyard Birthday Party

What stood out for me about this backyard birthday party was that the adults were having just as much fun as the kids were.  It reminded me so much of my own big family where kids birthdays and baby showers meant an opportunity for the adults to get together and catch up, especially with our busy lives.  I felt truly lucky to be part of this celebration and was very tempted to join the bubbly party after my workshop was over ;P 

Not just great party favors for kids

A parent came up to me and thanked me for sending her kid home with a beautiful terrarium for her to keep instead of kids art that she'd have to put on the fridge.  This made me laugh so hard.  So not only are the succulent terrariums great party favors for kids, but also for all parents involved.  

Birthday party details

Celebration: 7th birthday party with sixteen friends and family

Venue: Home backyard in East bay Pinole, CA 

Before starting the workshop, the kids had a grand time on the good ole trampoline.  We then rolled into the succulent terrarium globe workshop and then took lots of great polaroid photos.  



Kate Spade inspired baby shower

Kate Spade inspired baby shower

Glitter snow globes birthday party