The monster behind EcoMonster!

I started EcoMonster in 2008 with the goal of spreading sustainable awareness for a greener future.

The idea isn’t to be perfect through #zerowaste but to inspire change and strive for a circular economy!


Glitter snow globes birthday party

I felt so honored when Abby requested EcoMonster for another birthday celebration.  It's so special when I get to be part of more than one celebration.  I'm constantly trying to improve, but being able to come back means I'm doing something right!  

This birthday gal is super crafty and wanted not one, but two craft activities so that became the birthday theme for this year.  

Celebration: 12th Birthday with nine friends

Venue: at home in Sunnyvale, CA

Activities and party favors:  

1. Glitter snow globes workshop (for all seasons, not just winter :)

2. DIY floral crowns   

Family Backyard Birthday Party

Family Backyard Birthday Party

Office Succulent Terrarium Party