Paint night with bob ross (the real Og)

bob ross paint night.jpg

Who doesn't love watching Bob Ross how-to's painting tutorials?  How he makes it look so easy with his fan blender brush and soothing voice.  Paint night has gotten so popular lately, and for good reason because it's always a good idea to stay in, bust out the paint and sip on some wine.  So I've had this idea for a while, to pay homage to the original painting instructor.  I finally got the chance but the challenge was that I had a time limit on our workshop, to get it all done in one hour.  That's why I decided to go with mini canvases to cut down on time.  I'm so glad I did, because look how adorable they turned out.  It was also less intimidating as well, so although the canvases were way tinier than I originally intended, it was an accident meant to be.