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I started EcoMonster in 2008 with the goal of spreading sustainable awareness for a greener future.

The idea isn’t to be perfect through #zerowaste but to inspire change and strive for a circular economy!


Backyard Camping ThemeD Birthday Party

I always ask my clients, why they chose my succulent workshop for their celebration.  This mom shared with me that her twin boys who were turning 10 years old, were currently studying geology in school.  They requested for plants and were excited for a succulent workshop.  Isn't that so cute?!  I made sure to cover succulent propagation in more detail with this group.   

Their birthday theme actually included all of my own personal favorites: plants, camping, and Harry Potter all in one.  The s'mores station was a hit because who doesn't love gooey marshmallows right in your backyard?  Guests loved dropping off gifts in the tent.  I think these twin boys nailed all the successful components of a party! 

Celebration: Twin boys' 10th Birthday with twelve friends

Venue: backyard slumber party in a tent in Sunnyvale, CA

Activity and party favors: succulent terrarium globes and Polaroid photos

Dessert: Campfire s'mores kits and cupcakes (homemade by older siblings)

Theme: Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 tent site sign (nice touch) + outdoor (backyard) camping + geology inspired workshop

I'm not kidding that these are all my favorite things so, a couple of months later, I did end up going on camping trip for my 30th birthday celebration :)





Succulent and Froyo birthday party at the park

From across the world, this mom made me cry...