The monster behind EcoMonster!

I started EcoMonster in 2008 with the goal of spreading sustainable awareness for a greener future.

The idea isn’t to be perfect through #zerowaste but to inspire change and strive for a circular economy!


My faux-elopement

Because our wedding reception held in our hometown was so out of our control (470 people), we decided to faux-elope and kept our wedding ceremony at the local City Hall very private and intimate.  We didn't want our families to have to travel during the middle of the week so we only invited last minute local friends who happened to be in the neighborhood for a picnic lunch.  

We woke up and decided to have Bun Rieu for breakfast because it just seemed right to smell like shrimp paste before exchanging lifetime vows...  The restaurant was so excited, our noodle bowls were on the house!  My awesome work place surprised me with my succulent wedding bouquet from the dreamiest SF garage turned flower shop.    

We exchanged our vows at city hall and had a grand picnic with our local, sweet friends right in front of city hall.  We were so lucky, even San Francisco decided to show off its best weather that day.   

Thanks to all my loving friends, family, and new hubby for making our wedding day such a dream come true!  Seriously, it was truly magical.  All those years of Pinterest wedding trolling finally paid off... 

Now we just need to pick a destination for our honeymoon!  Ready to pin our first travel as Mr. & Mrs. Bou.

Dress | Lulus
Birdcage Veil | Tessa Kim
Floral | Ampersand
Eco Ring | PointNoPointStudio
Moments captured by LoveInPhotographs

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