The monster behind EcoMonster!

I started EcoMonster in 2008 with the goal of spreading sustainable awareness for a greener future.

The idea isn’t to be perfect through #zerowaste but to inspire change and strive for a circular economy!


You know you're a wanderluster when:

You know you’re a wanderluster when:
You plan your trips months in advance
You value experiences not things
You know currency conversion without googling it
You can say hello and thank you in multiple languages
You often start off your stories with "When I was in..."

You'll find yourself scanning this vintage world map, reminiscing about all the pinned places you've visited around the globe. Hang it above your desk area to lust, plan, and motivate you for your next destination.

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My faux-elopement

DIY Egg Shell Candles by EcoMonster

DIY Egg Shell Candles by EcoMonster